Jones,Jacqueline , Icelandic Shimmers Calendar



Online: June 1, 3, 8, 10 and 15 

Online Student Fee : $450

On-site: June 28 - July 2 (Monday-Friday)

On-site Student Fee : $650

9am to 4pm

Online Audit Fee : $200

This course will give you a strong foundation to any genre of painting to follow whether landscape painting, still life or figurative work. Using geometric shapes in still life set-ups students will learn (or refresh skills) in: drawing, perspective, value, composition, depth of field and paint application. These shapes are found in the landscape, i.e. a cone may represent a spruce tree, the cylinder a tree trunk, a half sphere the bouquet of treetops and the cube a roughhewn rock. Like puzzle pieces, the halftones, cast shadows and reflected lights are key players that link the shade and light families. Aerial perspective is gained with overlap, size/scale change, value and elements.



1-3 pm


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