Van Dyck, Peter  (1)


Online: April 22, 26, 29, May 3, 6.   1 - 3 pm 

Online Student Fee: $450

This class will be comprised of two key components. The first will be a review of the fundamentals of linear perspective and the second will be a study of the practical uses of perspective in drawing and painting the landscape. The goal is to be able to create a through and compelling 2-dimensional description of a 3-dimensional outdoor space from observation. 
The key topics of our study will be as follows:


1. Drawing simple volumes (rectilinear, cylindrical, and conical) from any viewpoint with accurate proportion in 1, 2, 3 point perspective both from observation and from imagination. 


2. Seeing the underlying perspectival web of a space in a landscape and using it to determine the relative position of forms to one another. 


3. Developing complex architectural forms from simplified volumes. 


4. Drawing organic forms with a perspectival, structural approach. 


5. Relating concepts of light and shade to linear perspective to describe the illumination on volumes throughout a space. 


6. The basic of curvilinear perspective. 



Audit Only: $200



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