Permeating Light, 18x24, oil on panel, $16,000



On-site: October 5 - October 9 (Monday - Friday)

Student Fee: $1,000

Prerequisites: Foundation and Intermediate courses or permission of the instructor


This course will focus on transforming a field study into a finished studio landscape painting.  It will be a semi-paint along where I will demonstrate the process and techniques that help make this transformation successful.  

Topics covered will include:

- Transferring the sketch to the canvas and recomposing your composition for maximum impact

- Composing using a monochromatic underpainting to easily adjust composition and values

- Color theory and color mixing

- Exploring the advantages and limitations of working in a full or a limited value and color range 

- Adjusting color to create a sense of light, space, and form

- Exploring different methods and materials to create various textures in the underpainting and in the final layers 

- Experiment with using unique tools and brushes which will expand the possibilities for applying paint to the surface to present a greater sense of reality while also creating a varied and interesting paint quality

- Applying glazes and mediums to present an additional dimension to the surface of the painting

- Different methods for adding the right amount of detail required to suit the artist’s intention

Each day will start with a demonstration followed by the students applying what was demonstrated to their own artwork. 



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