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Value in the Landscape- Online Learning with

Thomas Caleb Goggans

Values of the Land

Values, the arrangement of lights and darks, are the underpinning of all great paintings, the foundation holding everything else up. A strong impression, rich color, visual depth, and compelling design are only possible if the values work together towards to create a cohesive design and image. Caleb Goggans will demonstrate and guide a progressive exercise designed to give students the knowledge and confidence to compose compelling, well organized, and beautiful paintings.


Once a week class for four weeks, starting November 3rd through 24st at 4:30 pm 

First class with live introduction, followed by prerecorded class session.

Second and Third sessions are prerecorded. Fourth Session is Live/recorded for play later.

Tuesdays, November 3rd - 24th at 4:30

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