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Innovative Methods to Bring Richness and Life to Your Landscapes

A different, unique approach to creating watercolor paintings that sing. I will show you how mixing layers of paint with a limited palette will hold their vibrancy, harmonize and create an atmosphere that is exciting and complimentary to nature. My watercolors are filled with richness and depth applied only by applications of washes of color that are transparent and opaque. As a watercolorist and oil painter, I am able to apply techniques from both to give my paintings a unique feel. You will learn a different approach to mixing, throwing color on paper and letting them mix to appear more natural to nature. Step by step I will show you how my palette of colors, techniques and lifting of pigment will develop into a painting with harmony and atmosphere.  I have a very unusual approach. I will share all my tools, materials and knowledge. I will introduce gouache and show you how to bring an exciting and spontaneous life to your paintings. With this class you will be given an insight into the capability of what watercolor paintings can achieve. 

In this class, we will learn the importance of studies to help problem solve a composition. You will also learn the importance of subtle value changes to harmonize a painting and glazing techniques that unite a painting.

We are all visual learners and the importance of demonstrations is crucial to learning as I talk about compositions and color mixing. Watercolors have their own set of rules, so letting them intermingle as they were meant to be gives a more natural and realistic harmony of the landscape.

Prerequisite: Foundation Courses or Permission of the Instructor



Spring/Summer 2021

$850 Student Fee




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