Don Demers

Don Demers            South Berwick, ME       January 2020

A Mission Statement 

To promote, foster and cultivate the art form of landscape (seascape) painting in America. The art form will be taught in a variety of disciplines both in the studio and on location as well as learning the history of the genre, the study of the natural world in its many components and human elements on land (architecture). The curriculum includes all styles and approaches (schools of landscape painting) and in its successful manifestation, develop experienced, knowledgable and accomplished practitioners of the genre.




A Note From The Founder

Ive been teaching landscape and seascape painting for approximately 20 years.

In that time, I’ve had the privilege of working with painters of all levels and I’ve had the reward and gratification of experiencing their artistic growth while learning and honing my own skills along the way. Most landscape painting instruction comes in workshop format. With so much information to share and teach, I realized over the years that this format was an obstacle to deep and extensive learning. I knew there was a way to impart artistic methods and ideas in a longer format that would help the painters learn, maintain and sustain the knowledge and skills they are acquiring. The genres of figure painting and still life painting have had ateliers throughout history, and yet, one did not exist for landscape painting. Hence, I have formed the American Academy of Landscape Painting. AALP is being hosted by the prestigious and historic Lyme Academy in Old Lyme, CT. 

The multi course curriculum consists of three levels, Foundational, Intermediate and Master classes. The curriculum is not designed to be completed in one year, but rather at the student's convenience. Practicing the lessons learned on one's own before moving on to the next level is highly remmended.

If you are serious and dedicated to the genres of landscape and seascape and want extended study with some of the very finest painter/instructors in the country, I would highly recommend this experience. I look forward to seeing many of you again and meeting some of you for the first time as we continue to share this journey we all love, landscape and seascape painting.


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