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Materials list
silver girl, vine charcoal, 18x24 (1)
here.not here, vine charcoal, 18x24


with Hollis Dunlap

Drawing is the foundation for much of the greatest art throughout history, and vine charcoal is uniquely suited to reproducing dramatic light effects and painterly qualities of value and shape. It's ideal for massing in large areas of shadow and light, and this class will focus on creating those dramatic effects using this beautiful medium. In addition to the technical aspects of working with charcoal, we will discuss tasteful uses of anatomy and how Renaissance and Baroque masters create movement in their works by optimizing the natural rhythms found in the human body. Over the 6 classes, students will learn to revise the drawing by examining proportions and angles in order to get the most out of their abilities. Additionally, we will discuss and observe numerous master drawings and paintings, taking ideas and inspiration from those works in order to help the student communicate his or her unique ideas through drawing.

Tuesdays, October 6th to November 10th 6-9pm 



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