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ART OF THE STILL-LIFE with Justin Wiest

October 16th-18th 9-4pm

The Seventeenth Century Dutch painters brought the art of still life to a level that has be unequaled. Their methods were straight forward and their palettes simple yet the resulting work is quite stunning. These quiet and arresting works made a genre that has the capacity for drawing the viewer in and creating a mental state change. Paint is transformed into drama and mood. By understanding and controlling the light, the artist is well positioned to describe the mood and with transparent versus opaque paint application, the drama.

The setup’s composition and its interaction with the light is many times overlooked. This workshop will make the contention that: THE SETUP HAS TO LOOK LIKE A PAINTING BEFORE THE ARTIST BEGINS TO PAINT. This is easier said than done but by making the initial effort the actual painting process will be more enjoyable.

The methods and materials will be thoroughly discussed. Traditional mediums such as Maroger’s medium will be available to sample and students will be encourage to make some of their own oil paint using various oils and dry pigments. Some objects will be available to use however students should bring objects they find interesting such as glass, metal, fruit, cloth, and etc.


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