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Alumna Kellie Pereira Shares a Lesson for Sculpting in Relief

Three Day Workshop with Kellie Pereira

This course provides instruction on how to produce a bas-relief sculpture, a silicone mold from the sculpture produced in class and plaster casts. Students first learn the essential principles of creating a low relief sculpture with emphasis on convincing naturalism and the anatomy/proper proportions of the chosen subject. Then, they will learn the fundamentals of mold-making using silicone rubber. Once molds have been produced, they will move onto learning about proper mixing, application and chasing of plaster, resulting in a clean and high-quality sculpture cast.

All aspects of creating a successful relief will be discussed, from building a solid base that is most desirable for silicone mold production later, to achieving convincing forms that, despite being compressed, read as a sculpture in the round, and finally how to use photo references in the absence of a live model or subject.  We will also look at examples of bas-relief sculpture in art history and learn from works that can be found as far back as 6,000 BCE.

October 23rd 24th and 25th,  9-4pm

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