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Fundamentals of Illustration with Greg Mursko 

Mondays October 19 - November 23
1-4 pm
Course Description
This course introduces the basic principles being an illustrator. The majority of work created in the medium of your choice (graphite, colored pencil, acrylic paint, etc.).
Student Learning Outcomes:
• Sharpen conceptual thinking.
• Organize and represent content structures in ways that are responsive to technological, social, and cultural systems.
• Discuss the characteristics and capabilities of various technologies (hardware and software); their appropriateness for particular expressive, functional, and strategic applications; their positions within larger contexts and systems, and their influences on individuals and society
• Discuss and apply processes for the development and coordination of illustration (thumbnails, first renderings and final artwork).
• Engage in teams-based work and to organize collaborations among people from different disciplines.
• Present work in a portfolio in a professional way.

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