Zufar, a Russian native, started taking drawing and painting classes at age nine. He was eleven when he painted his first few plein air works; depicting nearby village cottages and a horse resting next to a carriage delivering pies to the local market. He fell in love with landscape painting and started exploring the language of direct expression of what just in front of him.

Zufar’s town and landscape style leans towards Russian and Soviet era impressionism. For him, art is a continuous experimentation and growth. After more than a decade of traveling and painting in the US, he changed his painting palette to a higher key.

A spur of interest to plein air painting in the United States, brought the artist to national level competitions, where he won a number of awards. Among others, Zufar treasures his several Artist Choice awards at Plein Air Easton (Maryland). Another memorable achievement was receiving "The Medal of Honor and Merit Awards" from the Kent Art Association, the first U.S. art organization he had joined. Recently, he was honored to receive the Irvine Museum Award at the Laguna Plein Air national competition in Laguna Beach, California. His works are widely present in private collections across the United States, in the UK, Spain, and of course in Russia.




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